Film Focus. We focus on film.

Talking Tactics. We talk about tactics.

As football continues to change and adapt right around the world, so too does our analysis. We have the joys (and failures) of modern technology on our site and we should continue to use them to help explain and understand exactly what is going on in front of us. That might be a certain tactic, it might be the movement of a particular player—whatever it is, we want to be able to explain it and help everyone grow in their understanding of the beautiful game.

Film Focus and Talking Tactics seeks to do that.

And we do it by breaking down the game film and talking about tactics.

We use arrows and nice pictures to help us along, and hopefully it helps you learn something—regardless of where you are in your football knowledge and irrespective of whether you consider yourself a tactical connoisseur or not. You’ll notice that both Film Focus and Talking Tactics are done in the same style but on different websites. Maybe think of them like brothers—they come from the same family (namely, me) but they’re slightly different.

Basically, read the articles. Hopefully you’ll figure it out. Even more, I hope you’ll enjoy them.


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